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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 21

Google+ (2)The top skills employers want:  1) Dependability, 2) Honesty, 3) Competence, 4) Good attitude.


FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 20

Google+ (2)Three types of skills, making up the skills triad, are adaptive skills/personality skills, transferable skills, and job-related skills.


FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 19

Google+ (2)Most people underestimate their skills.  A skill can be something you do, or something  you own as part of your personality.


FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 18

 Google+ (2)
No single factor carries more negative connotations in the interview than an inability to communicate.  It is problem number one in the job search and interview process.


FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 17

Google+ (2)The Yellow Pages in book form or on the Internet is an important source of job leads.

FindJobsQuickly - Job Search Quick Tip #16

Google+ (2)The six rules for developing a successful network of contacts are: 

  1. Get started - Set up a meeting in whatever form 

  2. Present yourself well 

  3. Learn something 

  4. Get two referrals 

  5. Follow up on referrals 

  6. Send thank-you notes