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8 things you must do to have a successful interview: Google+ (2)

  1. Make a positive impression.
  2. Communicate your skills.
  3. Use control statements to your advantage.
  4. Answer problem questions.
  5. Ask key questions.
  6. Help the employer know why they should hire you.
  7. Close the interview properly.
  8. Follow up after the interview.

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Google+ (2)Utilize key words and quantify your skills to give you the leading edge in your resume and Online profiles.

FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 25

Google+ (2)Most people who are fired or lose their jobs do so because of an inability to adapt and get along rather than an inability to do the job itself.

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Google+ (2)Meeting employer expectations in an interview can get you the job over those with better credentials.

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Google+ (2)Three basic employer expectations are 1) Appearance:  Do you look like the type of person who will do well in the job?  2) Dependability:  Can you be counted on to get the job done?  3) Credentials:  Do you have the job-related skills, experience and training?

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Important skills business owners say they want in a new employee include:  1) Learning to learn, 2) Basic academic skills in reading, writing and computation, 3) Good communication skills including listening and speaking, 4) Creative thinking and problem solving, 5) Self-esteem, motivation, and goal setting, 6) Personal and career development skills, 7) Interpersonal/negotiation skills and teamwork, 8) Organizational effectiveness and leadership. Google+ (2)