How a poor networking approach is sabotaging your efforts

A networking approach that's self-centered, focused on transactions over Google+ (2) relationships and indicative of a quantity-over-quality philosophy isn't going to succeed, writes Ivan Misner. By investing in your relationships and making sure you have something to offer to others, you'll be more likely to benefit from networking in the long run.

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Don't buy into these networking myths

Some common networking myths include that extroverted people are better at Google+ (2) making connections and that small talk is the best way to ingratiate yourself with a new contact, writes Josh Mait, the chief marketing officer at Relationship Science. "Eschew the pointless name collecting and focus instead on high-quality connections with long-term value," he writes.

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Are these networking habits holding you back?

Google+ (2)Name-dropping, business-card hoarding and being too aggressive about handing out your own cards are three bad networking habits, according to this infographic. Avoid people who never turn networking into tangible progress or who methodically plan every interaction.

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Are you correctly utilizing these social networks?

Google+ (2)Facebook should be used as a way to exchange ideas and share opinions while keeping an eye on trends, writes Jacqueline Whitmore. Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website and LinkedIn to connect with people you trust.

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How to network with strangers in a new city

Google+ (2)Ask members of your network if they know anyone worth meeting in the city you're moving to, Katherine Imp writes. Market yourself at all times by sparking conversations with people during your day-to-day activities. "Say yes to one coffee, one phone call, or one drink -- but after that initial meeting, focus your time on the people you truly want as either friends, mentors [or] business colleagues," Imp writes.

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FindJobsQuickly - Quick Tip #15

Google+ (2)The three steps to use to identify hundreds of warm contacts are: 

  1. List contact groups of people you know, such as work, clubs, church/temple/mosque, etc.

  2. Create warm contact lists within each group

  3. Use your warm contacts to develop an expanding network of contacts