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Job Search Means Action - The Right Action

Job Search Means Action - The Right Action!This is how most people look for work and how most employers look for candidates 

This is the order of effort that most people dedicate to their job search: 

  1. Internet job boards and Help wanted ads
  2. Employment agencies
  3. Placement agencies
  4. Networking
  5. Direct employer contact 

This is the order of priority that employers use to look for candidates: 

  1. Internal networks
  2. Internal job postings
  3. External networks
  4. Placement agencies
  5. Internet job boards and Want ads 

As you can see, the order in which employers look for candidates is nearly the reverse of the order in which most job seekers look for work.  Is there something wrong with this picture?

Proaction + Right Action = Job Search Success


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