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How to use LinkedIn correctly at any career stage

Younger executives can use LinkedIn to connect with internship sources, while Google+ (2)midcareer professionals should research LinkedIn profiles to see which qualifications are needed to reach career goals. If you're changing careers, reconnecting with former colleagues and students who are in different fields can help you get a foothold in a new industry, writes Robin Reshwan.

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Employee referrals, customized letters key to getting an interview

The best way to get your foot in the door at a large company is with an employee Google+ (2)referral, says Kristen Fife, a recruiting expert based in Seattle. It's important to customize your cover letter to indicate how you can help the employer with your particular skills. "I would love to be able to fill 600 positions tomorrow, but when we’re looking at the volume of applications that we do, the applicant has to help us understand how they are a fit for that position," says Curtis Colvin, who works as a director of recruiting.

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