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Are these networking habits holding you back?

Google+ (2)Name-dropping, business-card hoarding and being too aggressive about handing out your own cards are three bad networking habits, according to this infographic. Avoid people who never turn networking into tangible progress or who methodically plan every interaction.

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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 26

Google+ (2)Utilize key words and quantify your skills to give you the leading edge in your resume and Online profiles.

Most employers hire for these qualities

Google+ (2)During job interviews, employers want to see that you are inquisitive, a problem-solver and a team player, writes Charles Galda. Show inquisitiveness by asking smart questions, and demonstrate that you're a problem-solver by sharing anecdotes from previous jobs.

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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 25

Google+ (2)Most people who are fired or lose their jobs do so because of an inability to adapt and get along rather than an inability to do the job itself.

Are you correctly utilizing these social networks?

Google+ (2)Facebook should be used as a way to exchange ideas and share opinions while keeping an eye on trends, writes Jacqueline Whitmore. Use Twitter to drive traffic to your website and LinkedIn to connect with people you trust.

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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 24

Google+ (2)Meeting employer expectations in an interview can get you the job over those with better credentials.