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Tech grads will be in high demand in 2015, study says

Google+ (2)Companies will hire more tech graduates this year as college recruitment is expected to increase 50%, a Michigan State University study says. Engineering graduates are expected to earn the highest starting income, led by petroleum engineers, the National Association of Colleges and Employers says.

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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 19

Google+ (2)Most people underestimate their skills.  A skill can be something you do, or something  you own as part of your personality.


FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 18

 Google+ (2)
No single factor carries more negative connotations in the interview than an inability to communicate.  It is problem number one in the job search and interview process.


Corporate #recruiters share secrets to #gettinghired

Google+ (2)Employers want to see passion, professionalism and a capacity to learn in candidates, according to hiring managers at Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For. "We gravitate towards candidates who have humility and intellectual curiosity," says Jeff Vijungco, Adobe’s vice president of global talent.

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Avoid this mistake when changing #careers

Google+ (2)Professionals often initiate career changes before gaining an understanding of who they are and what they want, guidance counselor Judit Price writes. "They take a very broad approach to 'what is out there' rather than establish a clear, directed focus," she writes

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FindJobsQuickly - #jobsearch Quick Tip 17

Google+ (2)The Yellow Pages in book form or on the Internet is an important source of job leads.

What to ask during an informational interview

Google+ (2)During an informational interview, job seekers should be prepared to ask specific questions about various aspects of a job, experts say. This article offers 30 specific questions, including inquiring about typical career paths in an organization and what skills and experience are needed.

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How to network with strangers in a new city

Google+ (2)Ask members of your network if they know anyone worth meeting in the city you're moving to, Katherine Imp writes. Market yourself at all times by sparking conversations with people during your day-to-day activities. "Say yes to one coffee, one phone call, or one drink -- but after that initial meeting, focus your time on the people you truly want as either friends, mentors [or] business colleagues," Imp writes.

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FindJobsQuickly - Job Search Quick Tip #16

Google+ (2)The six rules for developing a successful network of contacts are: 

  1. Get started - Set up a meeting in whatever form 

  2. Present yourself well 

  3. Learn something 

  4. Get two referrals 

  5. Follow up on referrals 

  6. Send thank-you notes


How firm are employment requirements and deadlines?

Google+ (2)Job seekers should not be afraid to apply for positions they are not fully qualified for and should send in an application as soon as possible because employers may be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis, career expert Alison Green advises. Qualification requirements listed in job descriptions often are "wish lists," and candidates with most -- but not all -- of the desired qualifications are sometimes hired, she notes in this blog post.

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