How To Use The Job Search Pyramid To Stand Out
Finding Opportunities and Contacts. How the Job Search Pyramid Works, Stage 2

How Does the Job Search Pyramid Work? Stage One

If you recall from my last post, “How To Use The Job Search Pyramid to Stand Out,” there are five separate stages beginning on the foundation of “Knowing what you want.”  Here are the five stages again.

  1. Knowing what  you want

  2. Finding opportunities and contacts

  3. Applying to employers

  4. Getting interviews

  5. Landing the job

Let’s first look at how to use the Pyramid to manage your entire job search from beginning to end.  I’ll walk through it step by step over this and the next 4 posts, just as you might in looking for a job.

Before starting your job search, you need to know what type of job you want to pursue.  So you decide to explore several areas, both inside and outside of the industry in which you have been working.  You research a number of industry trends using the Internet, newspapers and trade journal articles.  You look at job listings to help you understand what challenges these industries have currently and who is hiring.

The word “industry” here and throughout my posts could be used to refer to an industry, a job field, or both.  You may define the type of work you are looking for by naming an industry such as healthcare or education.  Or it may make more sense to describe it by naming a job field that exists in multiple industries, such as information technology or accounting.  In some cases, you will be able to narrow your definition to include both industry and job field; for example healthcare accounting.  Think of your industry as being the phrase you use to complete the sentence. “I’m looking for a job in …”

You make contact with professional associations that support the industries you are exploring, build your connections at LinkedIn, and arrange for some informational interviews with people experienced in those fields.  Conversations with people in your current industry point you toward an area where they need people with your skills, training and/or experience.  But you also discover through researching some specialized job listings that your skills would transfer easily to a completely different industry, which interests you more.  You decide to pursue this new career change when looking for your next job.  You are ready to graduate from “Knowing what you want” to “Finding contacts and opportunities.”

Look for my next post, “How Does the Job Search Pyramid Work?  Stage Two.

Success always,


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