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10 Things You Must Do To Be Successful in Your Job Search

People are successful in their job search because they do what those who suffer extended unemployment don't do or refuse to do.  It's that simple! 

It’s easy to blame the economy, or whatever else, for extended unemployment, all along waiting to be rescued.  What's not so easy is to recognize that NO ONE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE!  And, you will have to do things you may not want or like to do. 

Why are successful job seekers able to do things they don't like to do while those suffering extended employment are not?  Because successful job seekers, the ones who get the jobs they really want and quickly, have a purpose strong enough to make them form the habit of doing things they don't like to do in order to accomplish the purpose they want to accomplish. 

It's very nature to be influenced by the desire for pleasing methods and be inclined to be satisfied with such results as can be obtained by doing things you like to do, or doing things that require little effort, such as spending the majority of your job search time searching Internet job boards after you got up at 10.  But the truly successful person is influenced by the desire for pleasing results, and, in the case of a job search, will learn how to integrate pro-action with right action, regardless of whether those things are pleasing or easy to carry out. 

So, what is it that people do to be successful in their job search, but may not like to do, but learn to do them anyway to achieve pleasing results:  getting the job they really want quickly.

  1. They approach their job search as a well-planned asset-building personal marketing campaign, not a flex time mini-vacation.
  2. They have a clear idea what they want to do and what value they can bring to an organization. 
  3. They research industries and occupations that need their skills.
  4. They target companies within those industries that need their skills and contact them directly.
  5. They seek out and contact those people who have the authority to hire or supervise a person with their skills.
  6. They network with people who love their jobs and their employers.
  7. They write compelling credibility statements as cover letters.
  8. They write accomplishment-based objective tailored résumés.
  9. They follow up religiously.
  10. They spend 25 to 44 hours a week in their job search.

First things first.  Find your purpose!  And then learn how to carry out these 10 essentials to job search success.  Behind every success there must be purpose and that is what makes purpose so important to a successful job search (and everything else in life)!