Write a compelling job objective statement in your resume to get noticed
Three essentials for writing a résumé for a posted job opening.

The Real Purpose of a Résumé: Getting Interviews

The first résumé you send to an employer is an advertisement designed to get you an interview.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Many people think of a résumé as a summary of a person's entire life and career.  They often stick in everything they've ever done, and every bit of information about themselves with the idea that the employer is going to do be impressed enough to give them a job.

Unfortunately, employers are not in the business of helping people by handing out jobs.  When it comes to hiring staff, any employer has only one thought in mind:  how to make their business more profitable.  Employers hire people because they believe those people will help them make more money, safe money and/or increase the effectiveness of their operations.

A résumé must demonstrate clearly and concisely that you will help a potential employer's business be successful, especially smaller businesses.  Your résumé MUST contain all the best evidence supporting that claim.

The more you make yourself look like someone who can achieve results for an employer, the more interviews you will get.

The core imperative in writing a résumé is to make an identity-building statement central to the needs of the employer communicated so clearly and effectively that it's apparent immediately that it's worth the readers time to offer you an interview.

Keep in mind that employers are not the only people who will see your résumé.  Keep copies of your résumé with you always, and give them to friends, relatives, neighbors, or anyone else you meet.

The more people who see your résumé, the more employers will call you for an interview, and that includes many employers you never thought of approaching.

It's advertising!  Sending résumés directly to hiring authorities may be the best way to make sure they hear of you, but it's not the only way.

IT'S ALL ABOUT GETTING INTERVIEWS - No interviews, no job offers.  No job offers, no job!  You know the rest.


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