Write a "master" resume.

Change Your Personal Rules for Job Search Success

Rapid success in your job search requires new behaviors. Unusual moves. Actions that on the surface often seem to contradict common sense. 

Unfortunately, we usually go with the obvious. We fall into the habit of relying on behaviors and methods that seem to have worked best for us in the past, and that may have worked best for past generations in the Industrial Era. Well folks... the Industrial Era is gone. This is the 21st century and we're implanted in the Information Era! 

If you want to accelerate your job hunting success in this new era, you must search out and employ new behaviors and methods vigorously, or get left in the dust! You must be willing to break out of old routines in order to make the quantum leap in your success. 

The things that worked for you and your parents in the past don't work as well anymore. And if you continue to rely on those old methods and routines, maybe even leaning on them most when nothing is really happening...such as getting interviews...you create a trap for yourself. 

There is a certain irony here. The historically most used behaviors and methods can become the major obstacles to your immediate and future success. It's possible for them to cripple your progress. They may stand as personal boundary lines that limit your ability to get interviews and subsequent job offers. 

There is, however, another course of action; a course of action that will lead you to making quantum leaps in your job finding success: learning how to market yourself successfully. 

There's also something else: how you think and what you believe. 

If you believe the time spent in a job search is flex-time or a mini-vacation, you are defeated before you begin. The average person who bemoans their extended job search spends substantial amounts of time on activities completely unrelated to a successful job search. They live in a state of consciousness where effort is minimal.

The person who views their job search as an asset-building opportunity, who knows no one is coming to the rescue, and who build their own ships instead of waiting for one to come it; those are the job seekers who get the jobs they really want and quickly. 

They are also the people who have the tenacity to transcend their fears and upgrade their thinking to a success-based consciousness. This is possible for anyone who has the courage to try.


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